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Individual Results

  • "It's helped me to have a better relationship with my daughter Jewel and it's helped me to get started and stay focused on becoming a master public speaker."

    Johnny Rodgers
    Heismann Trophy winner

  • "To me, Best Year Yet® means following your dreams, and being able to manage all that you want to accomplish. It means staying true to who you are and who you want to be."

    Live Your Life user

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Business Results

  • "True courage and achievement takes organization, knowing what you want and going for it. The results we achieved were truly incredible."

    Mike O’Donnell
    Best Year Yet® Technical Climbing Consultant Everest Expedition

  • "In three years, our loan production grew by 244%, while dramatically improving productivity. At the same time, our leadership team became a confident, cohesive, and respected unit."

    Tate Fitzgerald
    Sr. V.P., Bank of the West

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Best Year Yet

Best Year Yet

Our Clients

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