Individual Results

"It's helped me to have a better relationship with my daughter Jewel and it's helped me to get started and stay focused on becoming a master public speaker."
~ Johnny Rodgers
Heismann Trophy winner

"To me, Best Year Yet® means following your dreams, and being able to manage all that you want to accomplish. It means staying true to who you are and who you want to be."
~ Jacie
Live Your Life user

Business Results

"Using Best Year Yet® helped us helped us achieve results that were truly incredible - it made a huge difference in the outcome of our expedition."
~ Erik Weihenmayer
Author, adventurer and first blind climber to summit Mount Everest

"In three years, our loan production grew by 244%, while dramatically improving productivity. At the same time, our leadership team became a confident, cohesive, and respected unit."
~ Tate Fitzgerald
Sr. V.P., Bank of the West

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