Coxless Crew Makes History, Sets 2 World Records


After 8446 nautical miles (0ver 9200 actual miles) and nearly 9 months at sea, UK's Coxless Crew has arrived in Cairns, Australia, setting 2 world records in the process. They are the first all-women crew and the first team of four to row the Pacific.

With a dramatic finish that, thanks to El Nino, put them weeks behind schedule, the crew was only days from running out of food as they worked through the dangers of the Great Barrier Reef to get to their final destination. The day before landing, their blog post stated: "It's been an exhausting and emotional few days as we make our approach to land. It's fair to say that with physical exhaustion, sleep deprivation, and a lack of savoury food we are being tested to our limits. However, this is where we draw on our spirit, row hard, row strong, row together."

Rowers Laura Penhaul, Natalia Cohen, Emma Mitchell and Megan Dyos crossed the finish line at 1:00 pm on Monday, January 25th to the cheers of family, friends, and supporters, as well as a bevy of media. Penhaul, Cohen and Mitchell rowed the full 257 days, with Isabel Burnham, Lizanne Van Vuuren, and Dyos each rowing of of the 3 legs of the journey.

Congratulaions are also due to New Level Results and Best Year Yet® coach Andrew Duncan, who worked with the crew for 2 years, creating a Best Year Yet® plan for their training year and a second on for the actual row. They kept their plans taped to the ceiling of their tiny bunk area where they could see them first thing when they woke and last thing before sleeping as they rowed their shifts of 2 hours on and 2 hours off. The crew members credit their Best Year Yet® plans with their success in keeping focus and staying on course for the grueling challenges involved in both the training and the journey itself.

Next up is the release of filmmaker Sarah Moshman's account of their journey in Losing Site of Shore. The film includes the riveting behind-the-scenes events and stories that show the heart and grit of the six crew members taking on this challenge for themselves and a higher good, four rowers at a time. The Crew will also continue to raise money and awareness for their charities Walking with the Wounded and Breast Cancer Care. 

You can read more about their adventures, meet the crew members and learn more about why they chose to take on the Pacific on their website, including many of the media stories about their adventure here:  It's not too late to make a donation to their chosen charities - reach out and contribute today!

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