Best Year Yet® Teams Up With CMBA Colorado


Denver, CO
January 15, 2016

Best Year Yet® has joined forces with the Colorado MicroBusiness Alliance (CMBA) to bring its planning tools and systems to entrepreneurs and small businesses across the state of Colorado.

CMBA exists for the sole purpose of supporting and advocating the cause of MicroBusinesses, whether through buying in bulk for reduced costs to members, providing education through live events and trainings, encouraging and equipping those starting a new buiness, creating networking opportunities, or actively lobbying for laws that support small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Best Year Yet® will be offering two live training events for CMBA in May. These sessions will be held on May 10 at the PACE Center in Parker, CO with a second scheduled for May at a location TBD. 

For more information on CMBA, its benefits for members and details on the May training events as they are released, go to


Individual Results

  • "It's helped me to have a better relationship with my daughter Jewel and it's helped me to get started and stay focused on becoming a master public speaker."
    ~ Johnny Rodgers
    Heismann Trophy winner

  • "To me, Best Year Yet® means following your dreams, and being able to manage all that you want to accomplish. It means staying true to who you are and who you want to be."
    ~ Jacie
    Live Your Life user

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Business Results

  • "Using Best Year Yet® helped us helped us achieve results that were truly incredible - it made a huge difference in the outcome of our expedition."
    ~ Erik Weihenmayer
    Author, adventurer and first blind climber to summit Mount Everest

  • "In three years, our loan production grew by 244%, while dramatically improving productivity. At the same time, our leadership team became a confident, cohesive, and respected unit."
    ~ Tate Fitzgerald
    Sr. V.P., Bank of the West

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