Our Mission

Our Mission is to make the world a better place, one individual, organization and business at a time by inspiring and supporting an ever-growing community of people who are ready to produce the results that matter most, and who then support and inspire others to do the same.

Our Values

  • Passion for serving others
  • Commitment to transforming lives
  • Service first, profit second
  • Sharing our gift with others
  • Accountability to each other and to our customers
  • Simple beats complicated
  • Passionate leadership

Our Promise

Best Year Yet® is not just about transforming your life and achieving goals, it’s about living your life at a higher level of purpose and energy. By following our proven system, you will achieve results that you may have only dreamed about in your life, your organization and your business. That is our promise to you.

Want to bring the proven Best Year Yet® Fast Track system into your business or organization?

  • "Best Year Yet is the best planning process that I know of. I just finished my plan for 2015 and look forward to sharing this with as many people as possible."
    ~ Stephen McGhee
       Principal, Stephen McGhee Leadership

  • "If There is Anything Deeply Important to You that You Really Want to Achieve and/or Work on, Best Year Yet online is an * * *awesome* * * starting point. It is *so* well thought out and guided, so simple, and so inspired by *You*."
    ~ Shivonne Quintero
       Owner/Operater, Goodness Gracious Extraordinary Petsetting

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