October 15, 2018
Denver, Colorado 

 Anne McGhee Stinson to Present at Information Overload Day Conference on October 23

We are excited to announce that our own Anne McGhee Stinson will be one of the honored presenters for the Information Overload Day 2018 online web conference. Anne will be presenting Neuroscience and the Problem of Information Overload.

A Managing Partner & Director of Practice at EffectiveEdge, as well as a Best Year Yet trainer and practitioner, Anne brings well over 20+ years of experience as an executive Coach and Consultant for working in organizations all over the world. Building her career around her life-long devotion to helping individuals and organizations explore and express their deepest potential; Anne’s expertise includes working with corporate executive clients, military and government organizations, as well as private and non-profit entities. As an entrepreneur, Anne has been instrumental in laying the foundation for several companies which have gone on to become widely successful multi-million-dollar organizations operating internationally. She has authored and produced 3 plays and a book on the nature of Wisdom; and for many years facilitated professional development programs for the staff at the United States Air Force Academy. She holds an M.S. in Organizational Development as well as multiple advanced coaching certifications in Neuro-Linguistics. 

Respected researchers from a number of areas will contribute to the conference theme of Cognitive Science, Addiction, and Information Overload. The conference is free and is recommended for Managers, Researchers, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, or anyone looking to better manage information overload. 

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