Goal Setting with Best Year Yet®

Looking for the right tool to help you find transform your life and help you actually live the full life you've always wanted? Here it is -- the full 12-month package of goal setting web tools from Best Year Yet®. Your own simple yet powerful system to master the science and the art of achieving your goals and producing life changing results.

The Three Parts of the Best Year Yet® Goal Setting System:

  1. Breakthrough

    Why settle for just setting goals when you can create an actual breakthrough in your life and business? We know that many people overwhelm themselves with too many goals, goals that don't lead to results in the most important areas of their lives, or goals that are actually distractions. Negative paradigms and long-held habits contribute to the roadblocks that can keep us going in circles, preventing real change. 

    The Best Year Yet® system is precisely geared toward breaking through these barriers, finding what really matters to you, and inspiring you to create the results you want. Our simple 10 question workshop uses your own wisdom, values and insight - making your plan meaningful as well as focused on your most important goals.

  2. Follow-through

    We have made it easy for you to follow-through on your plan with our tracking and scoring software. Whether you are using it for your own individual plan or with a team, our software has what you need to stay on top of your work, providing instant feedback and visuals to help you monitor your progress in all areas.

    In addition, Best Year Yet® provides a host of resources to help you along the way, including webcasts, books, audio lessons, coaches and more - all to help you keep focused, stay accountable, and create the results you want.

  3. Mastery

    Once you experience the results you achieve through the Best Year Yet® system, the next step is moving into mastery. Practice is the key to creating true transformation and sustaining it, growing it and creating your best year yet year after year. Using the resources provided by the program, your own experience in success from your plan and your new goals, you can become a true master at producing results.

These simple, yet effective, steps make all difference between resolutions that fall to the wayside and actually achieving your goals. You can trust a goal setting system that has been providing life transforming results for over 35 years!

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"This is the fourth year I have completed a plan; the annual process has been life transforming.

~ Bette Olson
Best Year Yet® user


"I go through a personal exercise of reflection and goal setting at the beginning of every year. I use an online planning tool from Best Year Yet® that is really helpful. I just completed my 2013 plan and would encourage anyone wishing to make a meaningful change in their life to try it."

~ Matt Gildehaus
Lindenwood University



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