Nicole DiCristofaro, Consultant
Paradigm Group

Nicole is a Best Year Yet® Coach and Facilitator based in Denver, Colorado. She works with individuals and groups to create long lasting positive results through breakthroughs in mindset and focus.

Her prior experience as an Empowerment Coach has allowed her to bring her many talents to Best Year Yet®, where she inspires other in creating more fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Nicole has worked with all levels of individuals, from new entrepreneurs and seasoned small business owners to corporate executives. Her extensive training began in 2011 with advance personal development education including Case Western Reserve University'sInspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence course. She now has a well-rounded platform to help others get more of what they want in life year after year. Her ongoing research in the dynamics of Human Behavior and Psychology influences her her coaching style, as her goal is to dig into the core of creating positive change in all areas of life for her clients.

Nicole is a passionate, enthusiastic facilitator and is instrumental in supporting individuals around the world in achieving personal and professional growth in the areas that matter most.