Personal and Professional Development

What is personal development and why should we care? How does it differ from professional development? Where do I even start?

While many people see personal development as nothing more than additional training for business success or something to help with work/life balance, we at Best Year Yet® know the real secret.

It’s simple really. The people who succeed in business and in life are the ones who know that every part of their lives is interconnected. We all have multiple roles that we play including:

  • Business owner
  • Manager
  • Rookie
  • Community member
  • Coach
  • Artist
  • Student
  • Teacher
  • Family member
  • Musician
  • Writer
  • And more

When we integrate and balance ALL of these roles, keeping focus on our values and priorities, we create real personal development - and real transformation! Personal development is a lifelong venture, one that we are never too old or too young to begin.

The proven Best Year Yet® goal-setting system includes all of these life facets in a way that not only helps you create a list of goals you want to achieve, but also helps you nurture and grow your whole self. Living by your values, replacing negative paradigms with positive ones, and identifying the things that mean the most to you provides inspiration above and beyond most personal development planning tools and programs.

Do you you only want to develop only one part of yourself, or create integrated personal and professional development in your life? Are you ready to succeed in life and business beyond what you ever imagined possible? If so, you are ready to begin your best year yet.

Don’t waste another minute on a partial solution. Get started with your own transformative personal development today.

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"The personal Best Year Yet® program is the most effective personal organization tool I have ever used. The team program produced great results for my top team."

~Chris Gillies Managing Director,
Zurich Intermediary Group


"We have achieved 91% of the goals we set out to accomplish, and we did it in a way that brought the team closer together with more direct and candid communication."

~ Maureen Blaha
Executive Director, National Runaway Switchboard, USA