Our Best Year Yet® Programs

Whether you are someone who is looking for a life plan to help you reach your own personal goals, an entrepreneur or business owner seeking the right tool to get the important things done, or a caring person who would love to help your family, friends, clients, church community or organization transform lives, Best Year Yet® has the right plan for your needs.


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Best Year Yet® for Business 

Are you ready to move your business forward, but can’t seem to get the traction you need? Does you team put together great strategic plans only to have the goals fall to the wayside over the course of the year? Are you looking for better ways to leverage the talents, skills, and experience of the people in your organization?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are ready for your best year yet! With our Fast Track program for teams and Raise the Bar workshops for staff, you'll get the results you've always wanted, often in less time than you imagined. The difference is astounding and the results speak for themselves. It's why so many of our clients stay on the system and continure to have their best year yet year after year.


Best Year Yet® for Individuals

While many goal setting and planning programs focus strictly on work/life balance, we know that lives are much more layered with many roles to balance including family member, spouse, employee, business owner, artist, athlete, and volunteer to name just a few. Not only are your roles critical to success, so are your values such as creativity, honesty, generosity, communication, or innovation.

By including ALL the important parts of your life, as well as identifying resources you already have at your disposal, the Best Year Yet® Live Your Life program provides an indispensable tool for creating a sustainable balance in your life without sacrificing critical areas of your being in the process.

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Raise the Bar

Looking for a simple, inspiring performance management system to drive professional goals, personal goals, or both, and is more effective than rewards or bonus plans?  The Best Year Yet® Raise the Bar program helps you and your employees get the results you want in all areas of business and life.

Studies have shown that if you want people to think and perform at work, financial incentives alone simply are not effective. Neither is an employee that is personally struggling or out of balance. Raise the Bar is the key to solving the dreaded appraisal and performance review process, a fantastic investment in employee wellness or simply as a perk given to employees to empower them to raise whatever bar(s) matter to them.

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Live Your Life Workshops

Have you experienced the power of Best Year Yet®? Would you like to offer that same transformative experience to friends, family, community members, clients, church members or even a local community group? We have Partners available around the world who can present a 1 day Live Your Life workshop to your group or organization.

Each member of the workshop will leave with his/her top 10 goals for the year, a 1 page personal Best Year Yet® plan and the inspiration and resources to create her/his best year yet. It’a a perfect way to share Best Year Yet® and pay it forward to your community.