Become a Certified Partner

Become a Best Year Yet® Certified Partner

Our Partners are changing lives every day, one individual, business and organization at a time. Whether it's through our Live Your Life program, Fast Track for business, or Raise the Bar workshops to help family, community groups, social organizations, churches and more, the transformative power of the proven Best Year Yet® system will guide you and your clients to the amazing results you want.

If you are interested in adding your name to our international roster of people making a real difference, find out more about our training and certification programs, when our next trainings are scheduled and more.

  • Live Your Life Coach

    Are you devoted to making a positive difference to the success of others? Is your profession focused on improving the performance and results of others? If you answered yes, why not become a Best Year Yet® Certified Live Your Life Coach? After 35 years, our internationally proven goal setting system remains in a class all by itself. You'll see the difference for yourself as you attract more clients and deliver better results as part of our certified partner community.

    Click Here for upcoming Coach Certification Training Class dates and more.

  • Raise the Bar Group Trainer

    Sponsors for Raise the Bar Group Events have one thing in common - they want to share the power of Best Year Yet® with significant groups of people in their lives and in their communities. Our Best Year Yet® Certified Raise the Bar Group Trainers utilize their skills and experience in group settings of all sizes to create a synergistic environment to guide participants in making their individual 12 month Live Your Life plans. Perfect for personal development support and planning.

    "Contact Us" to schedule a live Raise the Bar event in your area.

  • Fast Track Facilitator

    Best Year Yet® Fast Track Facilitators are trained to deliver our powerful 12 month Fast Track program for teams. If you have a passion for helping businesses create smart goals, a working system of accountability, a sense of ownership with team members, and measurable results, you could become a Fast Track Facilitator. You'll join our global community of partners who are dedicated to making a big difference in the world, one person, team, business and organization at a time.

    "Contact Us" for information on becoming a Certified Fast Track Facilitator.

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  • "The magic of Best Year Yet® is that it produces results, in every type of team or business."

    ~ Joost Wouters
    Best Year Yet® Program Leader, ACTIMPACTEL
    Campello, Spain

  • "Best Year Yet® clears the mental clutter that even successful people often carry around in their heads. Once the clutter, caused by regrets, missed opportunities, unfinished business and limiting beliefs is cleared, people can then really begin to design what they want for themselves--both personally and professionally."

    ~ Betty Mahalik
    Best Year Yet® Program Leader
    Las Vegas, NV USA

  • “The coach’s training provided me with a foundation for coaching others, and a clear and concise plan to work with my ideal clients. It introduced me to the great resource of being a partner in the Best Year Yet® Community.”

    ~ Rajvi Modi
    Best Year Yet® Coach
    Ahmadbad, India

  • "The Best Year Yet® System engages everyone on the team to align and focus on the true vision of an organization, and creates the synergy for inspired action - the 'will do' factor!"

    ~ Dory Willer, PCC, SPHR
    Best Year Yet® Program Leader
    San Francisco Bay Area, CA USA

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