Fast Track

The Best Year Yet® Fast Track program helps organizations move beyond strategic planning to mastery in producing results. Through a unique guided collaboration with your leader and a certified Best Year Yet® Team Facilitator your team will create an action plan that not only identifies your top annual goals, but addresses mindset, behavior and outcomes.

Fast Track opens conversations to allow each person to own the outcomes. As with every Best Year Yet® program, teams access our PRO online software tools to score and track results, set monthly goals, complete planning worksheets, and access value-added learning content.

What do clients love about this dynamic system?

  • Fast Track leverages the talents and resources of all team members while the structured monthly accountability reviews keep goals and the steps to reach them top of mind.
  • The openness of the review process creates positive peer pressure, which increases productivity for the plan and makes it possible to identify problem areas before they escalate into real issues.
  • The built-in emphasis on collaboration and communication helps team members ask for the help they need rather than ignore problem areas. It also allows for celebration of positive results and accomplishments along the way, inspiring participants and leading to increasingly better performance.
  • Our online software that is simple to access and use to ensure sustainability.
  • Fast Track is perfect for small to medium businesses as a complete package to drive action and produce desired results.
  • The program is proven with teams inside large corporations

The results? Transformed culture, personal engagement, leveraged talent, collaboration among leaders and team members, detailed action plans to achieve real results and a process that sets the groundwork for continued improvements and success year after year that you can drive yourself.

If you would like to know how Fast Track can transform your team or organization, contact us for more information. Get on the Fast Track to results today!


The City of Aspen shares results across 10 years using the Best Year Yet® Fast Track system

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