Raise the Bar 

Looking for a simple, inspiring performance management system to drive professional goals, personal goals, or both, and is more effective than rewards or bonus plans?The Best Year Yet® Raise the Bar program helps you and your employees get the results you want in all areas of business and life.

Studies have shown that if you want people to think and perform at work, financial incentives alone simply are not effective. Neither is an employee that is personally struggling or out of balance. Raise the Bar is the key to solving the dreaded appraisal and performance review process, a fantastic investment in employee wellness or simply as a perk given to employees to empower them to raise whatever bar(s) matter to them.

Raise the Bar provides:

· A system for creating alignment and buy-in on top goals

· A self-directed review process

· Simple online scoring and monitoring

· Visibility for mid-course corrections

· Easy transitions to the next review period

Help your employees create and execute their annual plan with our self-paced, virtual or in-person workshops and online tracking software. If desired, we can provide leaders an online dashboard for you to track the progress of intact teams at a high-level and drill down to individual results. We also offer coach training for leaders to help you guide them in their monthly progress. Best of all, our system works year after year.

Give your employees a sense of purpose and the autonomy that really motivates people to perform and excel in all aspects of their life. Well-suited for any role, perfect for tracking the performance of realtors, advisors, consultants, sales executives and network marketing teams or as great addition to your wellness package, Raise the Bar will do just that!

Contact us and let us show you how to Raise the Bar and transform your business or organization.

Want to know more about motivation in the workforce? Here is business guru Daniel Pink's take on the subject.

  • "This has been one of the best things I've done in a long time. The positive energy and the goal setting has been amazing. Thank you and I am looking forward to having my best year yet!"

    ~ Myiesha Majors, Realtor at Prudential, California

  • "Motivational and awesome - even though I know what I want to do and where I want to go this is a great tool just to keep me focused on track - well worth it for anyone wanting to improve."

    ~ Adam Gallagher Marple, Stockport, United Kingdom

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