Best Year Yet® for Individuals

Best Year Yet® for Individuals

While many goal setting and planning programs focus strictly on work/life balance, we know that lives are much more layered with many roles to balance including family member, spouse, employee, business owner, artist, athlete, and volunteer to name just a few. Not only are your roles critical to success, so are your values such as creativity, honesty, generosity, communication, or innovation. By including ALL the important parts of your life, as well as identifying resources you already have at your disposal, the Best Year Yet® Live Your Life program provides an indispensable tool for creating a sustainable balance in your life without sacrificing critical areas of your being in the process.

Our Individual Programs

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) Program

    Our self-guided Live Your Life online program lets you create your 12 month plan at your own pace while providing video guidance, audio lessons for each step with Best Year Yet® founder, author and Huffington Post contributor Jinny Ditzler, and written examples to help you through the process.

    Using your own insights, wisdom and experience, you create a plan that is personal - by you and for you - and true to what you value most. Get ready to experience your best year yet!

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  • With a Certified Coach

    Insight, structure, encouragement and accountability - these are some of the tools and resources that make working with a Certified Coach invaluable to a true personal transformation process. Your plan still comes from you - your values, your roles, your insight, your top goals - while giving you that extra edge of focus and guidance. We have Certified Coaches in 30 countries who are ready to provide support, the kind you need to stay true to your process, your goals and your targeted results.

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  • Live Your Life Workshops

    Share the power of the Live Your Life system with your business, group, or association through hosting a personal planning group workshop in your area. Each participant will walk away with a 1-page personal plan for his or her best year yet, complete with guidelines, major focus and a new paradigm for the year. This process produces inspiration and results, both personally and professionally. It also provides that added bonus of sharing the experience with others, creating a network of support and encouragement.

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  • Leah Moriarty, Realtor of the Year, shares how she used the Best Year Yet® goal setting system to bring abundant results and commitment to her whole life.

  • "I’ve always been disciplined in reaching my professional career goals, but I rarely thought about setting personal goals. Several years ago, I started creating a Best Year Yet® plan to help me focus on the more personal side of life. Looking back, I am amazed at what I’ve accomplished and how I’ve grown. I am so much more focused on what’s really important and there is greater balance in my life. Developing the plan provides the groundwork for my year and monthly calls with my Best Year Yet® coach help keep me on track. Everyone can benefit from taking the time to create a plan using Best Year Yet®."

    ~ Marilyn Resch
    Live Your Life plan user for 10 years and counting

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