Best Year Yet® Events and Training

Best Year Yet® provides multiple resources to support its members and coaches including a number of events and trainings throughout the year. Whether it is a webcast series, coach certification training, educational webcasts for coaches, or a specialized webcast for specific public audiences, Best Year Yet® takes pride in producing events and trainings that provide value and inspiration to participants.

Live Your Life Coach Certification Training


Live online training
with instructor Jeanne Sharbuno
April 8 & 9, 2017

Are you devoted to making a positive difference to the success of others? Is your profession focused on improving the performance and results of others? If so, this is your opportunity to join our global community of Best Year Yet® Certified Coaches. We are looking for experienced coaches and trainers who would like to add the Best Year Yet® Live Your Life program to their toolbox.

In this 2-day virtual course, you will learn the proven Best Year Yet® system from top to bottom, including how to guide your clients through the 10 questions, our powerful PRO online tracking and assessment system, and the extras that will help them create inspiring plans to guide them to the results they want.

Once the class is finished, you will continue your training with homework assignments and 2 monthly follow-up classes to make sure you have the understanding, expertise, and confidence you need to succeed.

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New Combined Virtual Training for Live Your Life and Raise the Bar

Combined Live Your Life and Raise the Bar Group Certification Training
Date tbd for April 2017

Whether you are a seasoned coach, group trainer or facilitator, your business (and that of your clients) would benefit tremendously from your ability to deliver a powerful and sustainable personal and professional development tool in an affordable and scalable format. This training provides the perfect opportunity for you to do just that, with everything you need to take the proven Best Year Yet® system into the businesses and organizations that need it most.

With respect to the special skills required to be effective in both marketing and presenting new concepts and workshops to larger groups, our Raise the Bar Group Trainer Certification helps ensure that you are prepared and proficient in settings of all sizes. In this special virtual workshop, we will be combining our Live Your Life for Individuals and Raise the Bar Group Training for dual certification. This is an incredible opportunity to add or uplevel your Best Year Yet® skills in both arenas through one training.

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