Live Your Life Coach Certification Training

Coach Certification Training April 8 & 9, 2017

Are you devoted to making a positive difference to the success of others? Is your profession focused on helping people improve their performance and results of others? If so, becoming a certified Best Year Yet® Coach may be the right step for you. We are looking for experienced coaches and trainers who would like to add the Best Year Yet® Live Your Life program to their toolbox.

In this 2-day online course, you will learn the proven Best Year Yet® system from top to bottom, including how to guide your clients through the 10 questions of the workshop, our powerful online tracking system, and the extras that will help them create inspiring plans to guide them to the results they want.

You will have plenty of opportunity to practice the skills, ask the questions, and engage in networking with your classmates and instructor - all designed to help you become the best coach you can be with the Best Year Yet® system in your toolbox. In addition, you will have access to numerous resources and tips for reaching and marketing to your perfect clients.

Once the class is finished, you will continue your training with homework assignments and 2 monthly follow-up classes to make sure you have the understanding, expertise, and confidence you need to succeed.

Here is what some recent participants had to say about the experience:

I was introduced to Best Year Yet® five years ago and have been using the book ever since. It has helped me to evaluate my life and accomplish my personal goals. Seeing the benefits of the system, I have also applied it to the teams that I am part of - many of which are multi-cultural: Romania, Moldova and Sierra Leone. Best Year Yet® has helped propel forward our organization's work among vulnerable children in many countries across the globe. With the Certification Training, I am now prepared to challenge others to dream about their best year yet and to help them achieve it.
~ David Chronic, Best Year Yet® Partner, Romania

Best Year Yet® is not a means to an end, it's a means to a beginning. If you are considering a new business as a life coach, the Best Year Yet® plan is a personal tool to help guide you as your new business unfolds. It helps to keep you grounded, focused, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. 
~ Sally Seiffer , Best Year Yet® Partner, Colorado, USA

The total price for the 2-day class, 2 monthly follow-ups with your instructor and classmates, the coaching resources collection from our Best Year Yet® library, and more is $1998. Why wait? Share the gift of Best Year Yet® with your clients and enjoy a fulfilling career, helping change the world for the better as a certified Best Year Yet® Coach. Payment plan options are available.

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