Kris Gleason

Location: Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Area of focus:  Team and individual coaching for those desiring higher levels of performance and measurable results. Area of specialty: Banking, financial advisors.

Business name: Results Coaching

Address:  11640 Arbor Street, Suite 300, Omaha, NE  68164 USA

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 402-827-5298


Why Best Year Yet®

I use the Best Year Yet process with every client I coach – it serves as the foundation for our coaching engagement. Once a client completes the process of creating a Best Year Yet plan, I know so much more about them than I would through several introductory conversations. Their answers to the Best Year Yet questions tell me what they envision as a stand-out year, what their recent accomplishments and disappointments are. I discover what actions and beliefs are holding them back and what their values and life’s priorities are. Best of all, in reviewing my clients’ goals with them and helping them fashion their goals into statements that read as gifts they are giving themselves, we are setting the agenda and agreed outcomes for our coaching sessions. As a result, each client session is productive and the client knows what he or she wants to accomplish between now and the next time we meet. 

Using the Best Year Yet program, I have successfully helped clients achieve results they never imagined.  Just prior to the new year, one of my clients did a quick review of his year and sent me the following e-mail:


This is truly my Best Year Yet and I am very thankful to you for coaching me towards this. Here are the key points:

  • My marriage - excellent!
  • Family - re-united
  • Liquidity - touching the 6 figure barrier
  • Marketing machine - humming along nicely
  • Next year sold out 30%
  • Personal fitness/physique - probably the best of my life
  • Discipline/Systems - very happy with financial system, planning, document handling.
  • Personal time - just back from the Yoga-Fasting retreat, before that went hiking to the Alps
  • Feeling - very serene, energetic and in control of things.

Thank You!


I am very excited about a new offering I will be marketing this fall, adding Best Year Yet and personal coaching to a mastermind group, initially focusing on financial advisors.

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