Sangeeta Modi

Gujurat, India

Business Name: 
Best Year Yet® - India

Contact Information:  

905, Hetvee Tower, 100 Feet Road

Satellite, Ahmedabad 380015 , Gujarat, India
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+91 9898188165

Areas of focus:Individuals, families, and teams (businesses & nonprofits)

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About Sangeeta:

Sangeeta has worked as a Center Manager with Landmark Education Corporation, a global educational organization delivering courses in more than 116 locations worldwide, making it the world's largest off-campus training organization.She has led many "Introduction to the Forum" programs and managed two successful centers in India. She pioneered the first Hunger Project Center in Ahmedabad and represented India in the inaugural Hunger Project conference in New York, leading many workshops as well as training many of the organization's leaders. Her experience has enriched her to support people in overcoming their limitations so they can achieve desired results in their lives.

She has also managed a branch of a multinational organization and a Best Year Yet® business in India with her husband, Hiren Modi. There she has supported and worked with individuals from all walks of life - students, doctors, small business owners, homemakers and more. Sangeeta has been a Best Year Yet® Coach since 2012, with 40% of her clients renewing their work with her over multiple years.

Why Best Year Yet®

For many years I had thought there ought to be a way to keep the transformation process alive and simple so I don't have to go back to doing different programs. When I saw my husband participating in the Best Year Yet® process, I was astounded to see that there he has finally found what he was looking for and, as a result, stopped all the other trainings he had been doing. Our family was different. I was totally convinced and so I participated in the process.

I loved the simplicity of the process and, even more than that, thanks to my coach Jinny Ditzler, I had my best year ever! From there on there was no stopping me. I became a coach and have had the privilege of coaching many individuals.

My daughter, too, became a coach. Our son followed and created the career he had dreamt of having.

Today I proudly say we are a family creating our best year yet every year and are happy. I am honored to start working with entire families who are creating and fulfilling their Best Year Yet® plans.


Become a Coach Levels

  • Live Your Life Coach

    To guarantee the highest quality and level of expertise, every Best Year Yet® coach must complete our Live Your Life Coach Training. All participants learn to master our Live Your Life program, our exclusive PRO software, and additional delivery systems.

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  • Raise the Bar Facilitator

    Our Raise the Bar Group Trainers are trained to utilize their skills and experience in group settings to create a synergetic environment for participants in our Raise the Bar program. Trainings are held in person and focus on group coaching skill development.

  • Fast Track Facilitator

    Fast Track Facilitators attend a three-day onsite training workshop designed to maximize their effectiveness with our Fast Track system for teams, businesses, and organizations, including our exclusive PRO tracking and scoring software.

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