Cyrille Jegu

Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Australia

Business Name: Thrivin Asia, Ltd.

Contact Information:  
jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Areas of focus: Individuals, teams and business leaders 

Website: NA

About Cyrille:

Cyrille is married and proud father of 2 children. He is helping organisation and individuals in different cultures transform themselves, achieve more than they thought possible. In addition to being a certified Best Year Yet® Coach, Cyrille is also a certified Getting Things Done® Master Trainer and Coach, and a Certified Holacracy® Practitioner and Coach. The depth and breadth of his experience together with a deep sense of purpose is driving him to help individuals and organisations get the most of out themselves and work towards their purpose. After spending the last 10 years in Europe, Cyrille and his family have returned to Asia to start a new chapter, a new adventure.          




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