Trevor Pickersgill


Tokyo, Japan

Areas of focus: Individuals, Leaders 



Business Name: Berkeley Professionals

Dai-hachi Tanaka building 8F,Chiyoda-ku 5-5-1
Tokyo, Japan
zipcode 102-0076

Contact Information: 

Phone: 81-90-3432-6323

Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



About Trevor: 

University of Guelph (Canada): Bachelors degree in Political Science and History
University of Leicester (England): Masters degree in Finance

After completing graduate school, Trevor worked as an auditor investigating actual sell-through for newspapers and magazines.
He obtained certification as a financial advisor in 2004, and worked as a financial advisor manager in Canada, Malaysia, and then Japan. Discovering his new potential, Trevor now works as a business skills trainer for corporations, providing a wide variety of training to companies and other organizations.

He is highly rated by participants for his ability to understand their needs and instill them with practical skills through continuously engaging them in role playing sessions based on actual case studies. Trevor’s hobbies include scuba diving, hiking, and visiting Japanese castles.

Why Best Year Yet®:

I want to be able to provide our clients and coaches with a more holistic coaching experience that can focus on personal development beyond just achieving identified work goals. 

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