Scott S. Winter

Location: Chico, CA, USA

Business Name: Winter Consulting

Contact Information:  
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Areas of focus:Executive/leadership coaching, team coaching, and small business coaching

Website: NA

Scott Winter brings over 25 years of experience in leadership training, facilitation and coaching with a diverse range of clients in the United States and abroad. Early in his career, Scott worked extensively in experiential education, youth leadership development, juvenile justice, and social welfare arenas. Building upon his education in the fields of Organizational Communication and Psychology, Scott developed an expertise in strategic planning, organizational alignment and leadership coaching that keeps him in demand by community leaders, government officials, and corporate executives. 

A passionate and sought-after consultant and coach, Scott is the founder of a leadership and organizational development firm in Chico, California. He has crafted numerous training programs and strategic initiatives for corporations, governments, non-profits and schools. He has also led, trained, and directed leadership programs for organizations throughout Russia, Taiwan, Portugal, Japan, Australia, and the U.S. Scott’s clients also include organizations in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, agri-business, telecom, food and beverage, and technology industries.

In addition to his work efforts, Scott is currently working on a Executive Masters degree in Neuroleadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute.

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