Andy Newman

  Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

Business Name: Andy Newman Coaching

Contact Information:  
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1560 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway, 4th Floor                                              
Ft. Lauderdale, FL                                                                                                


Areas of focus: Business coaching, Career coaching/Executive coaching, Lifestyle coaching

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Andy is an accomplished portfolio manager, entrepreneur, yogi, nature lover, elite athlete. He blends his passions and unique global experience to help entrepreneurs break through boredom, reconnect with their creativity, and expand their autonomy.

Why Best Year Yet®

Best Year Yet® ties in beautifully with my 6 month coaching process: it helps people discover their most powerful form of being, which leaves them inspired and motivated; next it gives them a structure to design meaningful goals that can then be broken down in bite size actions; last, Best Year Yet® provides the often lacking accountability system to keep my clients on track. 

Once my client completes a plan, we have the spinal column, the chassis on which other coaching tools can flourish. The client is now familiar with their limiting beliefs and how they can be reprocessed to escape confusion and fear and move towards curiosity and inspiration. The results, when people use the process as designed, are vastly positive. The clients gain confidence and focus: A new paradigm allows people to get energized and produce the lessons that are hidden in obstacles and disappointments, to capture the seeds of their next success. The process teaches clients to celebrate what’s working, and get energized with a sense of gratitude about what’s perfect in the moment. A different attitude and a better focus combine to harness a higher level of energy that leads to an unprecedented breakthrough in a person’s ability to produce results.

And the results are deep, and wide. Some are easy to measure, others too powerful and beyond measurement. Some are predictable, others lead to unexpected, unexplored and exciting new directions. One client designed a plan that helped him successfully transition away from a stellar corporate career, start two new ventures, and reach his income targets all within 6 months. Another client made the decision to become a single mom, leave a fast track corporate career in a fortune 100 company, to live in a city that provided family support, and a deeper nature connection. 




Become a Coach Levels

  • Live Your Life Coach

    To guarantee the highest quality and level of expertise, every Best Year Yet® coach must complete our Live Your Life Coach Training. All participants learn to master our Live Your Life program, our exclusive PRO software, and additional delivery systems.

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  • Raise the Bar Facilitator

    Our Raise the Bar Group Trainers are trained to utilize their skills and experience in group settings to create a synergetic environment for participants in our Raise the Bar program. Trainings are held in person and focus on group coaching skill development.

  • Fast Track Facilitator

    Fast Track Facilitators attend a three-day onsite training workshop designed to maximize their effectiveness with our Fast Track system for teams, businesses, and organizations, including our exclusive PRO tracking and scoring software.

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