Emily Dabney

Location:  Cleveland, MS, USA

Business Name: Emily Dabney

Contact Information:  
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Areas of focus: Women in transition

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With more than 9 years of experience in coaching and transformational practice, Emily Dabney is dedicated to supporting women in creating whole lives they love particularly as they move through life transitions. She completed her coaching training with the Coaches Training Institute, a program accredited by the International Coach Federation. She is a certified Best Year Yet® coach, Strategic Attraction Planning® coach, and Nia Technique instructor. Although life changes can be challenging, Emily views them as a wonderful opportunity to connect and align with what is most important to you. She has experienced and supported her clients through life transitions such as changes in career, relationship, starting college / graduating, retiring, moving, parenting (new step-parent / empty nest), becoming a caretaker, loss of a loved one, and changes in well-being. Emily loves helping her clients get clear about what is truly important to them, supporting them in aligning with their purpose, values and life goals, and integrating well-being practices into their lives as they move through potentially challenging life transitions.


Why Best Year Yet®

I have created my own Best Year Yet® plan for the last 8 years. My annual plan has been my True North, keeping me aware of and moving forward on what is most important to me at all times especially when going through big life transitions and dealing with challenges. On occasion, I have had a few gaps between plans and have experienced being at the mercy of life, feeling overwhelmed and tired. With my plan, I am clear and connected to what is important to me, and experience being empowered, inspired and purposeful in my life.   

I love that Best Year Yet® provides a structure to break big goals down into manageable steps, providing a sense of accomplishment as I move steadily forward.  I also love that the Best Year Yet® process is transformational.  My new paradigm each year is often what I credit with important shifts in my life. For example, when I truly embedded “I am at Home”, my life took off! I not only created a beautiful space in my home, I also created Home within myself, and aligned every part of my life with my values and life goals. I released several things in life that were not in alignment with my values, including my primary consulting client. As a result, I created space for more perfect clients and more than doubled my income!  I am also clear that being At Home within my self was an important step in fulfilling one of my top 10 goals for the next year of finding my life partner.   

Year after year, the Best Year Yet® planning process and my coach support me in ongoing growth and development. Year after year, my plans build upon one another, expanding my perspective of what is possible in my life. In addition to supporting me in finding my life partner and creating a successful consulting business, my plans have supported me in recovering from a long term illness and taking care of my well-being, creating financial stability, maintaining and deepening connections with loved ones, creating community after moving, and engaging in activities that make life worth living for me, when I would otherwise not make the time to do so. Not only does the system support me in producing the results I want in my life, it also has helped me to create an experience of life that I love!

Become a Coach Levels

  • Live Your Life Coach

    To guarantee the highest quality and level of expertise, every Best Year Yet® coach must complete our Live Your Life Coach Training. All participants learn to master our Live Your Life program, our exclusive PRO software, and additional delivery systems.

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  • Raise the Bar Facilitator

    Our Raise the Bar Group Trainers are trained to utilize their skills and experience in group settings to create a synergetic environment for participants in our Raise the Bar program. Trainings are held in person and focus on group coaching skill development.

  • Fast Track Facilitator

    Fast Track Facilitators attend a three-day onsite training workshop designed to maximize their effectiveness with our Fast Track system for teams, businesses, and organizations, including our exclusive PRO tracking and scoring software.

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