Paul Cooperstein

Location:  Quincy, MA, USA

Business Name: Momentum

Contact Information:  
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Areas of focus:Service firms (creative, legal and accounting), partners and business teams in conflict


Paul Cooperstein brings a unique combination of creative and professional skills to his work, and is committed to helping organizations and the people in them achieve peak performance in their work and their lives.  His work includes consulting with small and large organizations nationwide, where he contributes to their growth, profitability and partnership by coaching teams to reach their goals with more power, passion and profitability. He facilitates strategic and operational planning and building high value relationships through mediating and facilitating business relationships and organizational development.                                                                                                                 

Paul was focused on practicing business law until 1992. At this point he began to also assist people build successful organizations and businesses in a wide variety of industries, including venture capital, service, real estate, marketing and advertising and retail.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Paul has facilitated over 50 Best Year Yet® workshops in organizations across the country and across the spectrum of businesses. He has clients that have invited his facilitation of Best Year Yet® for over 10 consecutive years.

In addition to his formal education, Paul has received extensive training in the philosophy of business design, leadership, and conflict management. He has served on the Boards of Directors of several firms, including a commercial bank and several nonprofit organizations. He was a director of retail sales and team leader for a large Northeastern U.S. consumer electronics retailer. Numerous publications have published his articles on workforce productivity. His company Momentum has offices in Boston and San Rafael, CA.

Become a Coach Levels

  • Live Your Life Coach

    To guarantee the highest quality and level of expertise, every Best Year Yet® coach must complete our Live Your Life Coach Training. All participants learn to master our Live Your Life program, our exclusive PRO software, and additional delivery systems.

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  • Raise the Bar Facilitator

    Our Raise the Bar Group Trainers are trained to utilize their skills and experience in group settings to create a synergetic environment for participants in our Raise the Bar program. Trainings are held in person and focus on group coaching skill development.

  • Fast Track Facilitator

    Fast Track Facilitators attend a three-day onsite training workshop designed to maximize their effectiveness with our Fast Track system for teams, businesses, and organizations, including our exclusive PRO tracking and scoring software.

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