Lloyd Franke

Location: Bourne, MA, USA

Business Name: Franke Associates

Contact Information:  
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Areas of focus:Performance Improvement for companies in the contracting and services industries

Website: http://www.lfrankeassociates.com/Pages/default.aspx

Mr. Franke has been successful in implementing Best Year Yet® programs that have helped companies to grow sales, profits and value. He has facilitated planning sessions to develop companies’ vision, mission, and goals and coached management teams to achieve superior results.

Why Best Year Yet®?

I have been using the Best Year Yet® program for over ten years to help me to focus on the areas of growth that I wish to achieve in my life. Best Year Yet® is a great program for setting goals and achieving them. I have encouraged my three grown children to use Best Year Yet® in their lives and have seen wonderful results.

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