Frieda Gogelein

Location: El Campello, Spain

Business Name: Actimpact sl

Contact Information:  
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+34 678 096154

Areas of focus:Individuals


Since 2002 I have helped hundreds of individuals creating their Best Year Yet® plans. Resulting in for example: playing in a movie, starting up own businesses, passing exams to make the next career step, obtaining a pilot licence, having a wonderful relationship with an ex-husband and starting to play the piano.                                                     

My first experience with Best Year Yet® was when I set up a business together with my partner in 2001. The program has given us the perfect structure and basis to take this giant step. We decided to use it in our work as well, with teams or individuals. Since then we have facilitated hundreds of teams all over the world.

Why Best Year Yet®

My personal interest and expertise is working together, just the two of us. In that way I can completely focus on your personal needs. Preferably we spend this time in a beautiful surrounding. On the top of a mountain, at the seaside, walking in nature, in a gym, walking along the Thames, on a sofa, or in a nice bar or restaurant. The concentration and the silence while working together is a joyful moment. We start with a table full of different ‘life pieces’. Then we push them aside and start building a new picture of life again. We create new pieces, combine them with existing ones and throw away some pieces that are no longer needed. We take a break and investigate what we have so far, noticing what is important. Then it culminates into a plan. A plan to live your Best Year Yet®!

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