New Level Results

Location: Great Britain, UK

Business Name: New Level Results LTD

Contact Information:  
Priory House Priory Street, York YO1 6BY UK                                  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                    
+44 7917 125615

Areas of focus:Individual, SME's (TEAM) and Corporate (TEAM)


We have the exclusive license for Best Year Yet® in UK and Ireland. We have fully trained Best Year Yet® coaches throughout the UK. Our client list is impressive and we have delivered amazing results for both individuals and teams.

New Level Results LTD (22-coach group)                                            

Andrew Duncan Managing Director

Mike Burge Director

Simon Teague Director

Bob King  

Peter Baxter 

John Murphy

Jeff Hitchins  

Clodagh Hughes

Katie Seekts

Kim Kniveton  

Isabel Knight  

Vanessa Austin 

Fiona White

Stephen Newman

Rifiat Bibi 

Alison Stansfield 

Michael Cohen

Natalia Cohen

Mile Alleyne

Ben Aston

Clare Brooke 

Maureen Derbyshire

Wendy Beddows

Rob Rave

Andrew Hall

Graham Penson

John Sleeper

Andrew Driver

Ewa Sloan-Murphy





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