Business Results

Why do so many business leaders and owners use Best YearYet® year after year? Because it works! Listen to what some of our clients have to say.

  • Ron Safarik

    Ron Safarik, VP of Process Improvement for World Insurance Company, tells how with the Best Year Yet® Fast Track system he found the 10 critical factors and leadership to generate alignment and commitment that delivered a successful project.

  • Tracy Gilliam

    Tracy Gilliam, General Manager of Clear Channel Radio, shares about how she used Best Year Yet® to gain total buy-in from her people -- and deliver the best results the company had ever had ever had.

  • Doug Perry

    Doug Perry, President and CEO of HKS Systems, and his goal-oriented team had lost their sense of urgency and milestones were slipping. Best Year Yet® helped us to set the right objectives, generate positive peer accountability (and pressure), develop a common language and building success, year on year.

  • Norma Hansen

    Norma Hansen, small business owner of Ferd's Bakery in Omaha, with her team, used Best Year Yet® to align and track their most important business objectives. Meetings became more focused and productive -- they exceeded their business goals.

  • Deborah Keating

    Deborah Keating, a former Director of Girl Scouts who became the Workforce Development Manager of First National Bank of Omaha, brought the Best Year Yet® system into both organizations to invest in her people to achieve their strategic goals. Her aim was to make them feel valued and celebrate their achievements.

  • Bryan Forrest

    Bryan Forrest, Team Leader for Keller Williams Realtor, encourages agents to use the Best Year Yet® System to become masters at Producing Results in their business. In these tough times, there is a way to succeed.

  • Guy Outram

    Guy Outram, CEO of PPC Worldwide in the UK, is using Best Year Yet® business planning software to generate a performance breakthrough with his top team, then cascade the results through the business.

  • Small Business Owners

    Small business owners describe how using the Best Year Yet® system for goal-setting, tracking and inspiration resulted in success for their businesses, their teams and their personal lives. There were even some happy surprises along the way.

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Schools and Government

  • City Of Aspen

    City of Aspen & Pitkin County in Colorado has been using the Best Year Yet® Fast Track system for a decade now! City Manager Steve Barwick, Assistant City Manager Barry Crook and Community Development Director Chris Bendon tell how Best Year Yet® has produced amazing results year after year, changed the way they set goals, and shifted the culture in a way that makes even the changing team function as a well-oiled machine.

  • Dr. Diana Sirko

    Dr. Diana Sirko, Superintendent of the Aspen School District, shares openly about how she uses Best Year Yet® as a vehicle for becoming a more powerful leader, empowering her staff.

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  • Lisa Kelly

    Lisa Kelly tells how Best Year Yet® led to amazing results for several non-profits through its simple proven goal-setting and tracking plan. Best Year Yet® for business teams, organizations and and individuals helps create a best year yet every year.

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