Breakthrough For A Software Company

The Situation

Although great at design and customer service, this high-end software company was unable to get prospects in the pipeline. The company morale was low and the owner was on the verge of giving up. He no longer enjoyed the work and was having a hard time imagining the future of the business.

This organization had an extraordinary product to sell for $50,000 to $100,000 but could not reach their consumers. Nation-wide selling was imperative for the future of the business. Continuous attempts were made at telemarketing only to be discouraged time after time. The owner of the company was tired of dealing with the sales problems and discouraged because of his feelings of incompetence in creating a system that would work for his company.

Work of Best Year Yet® 

Our work with this software business started with identifying the shortfalls and disappointments of the past - the frustrations the owner was experiencing that resulted in his lack of confidence in the business. It was easy to see that what was missing was the sales and the enthusiasm!

Next we were able to identify with the business owner, his dormant dreams for the future - greater sales and passion for his business. It was at this time that he and his team created their dreams for the future and a clear vision of what it would be like. A powerful one-year plan was developed when the owner was able to see what he was missing and get in touch, once again, with what was possible.

The team tracked their goals each month and saw measurable results, something they had not ever done before. Each meeting, the excitement grew and the confidence for creating a new, powerful and effective sales system developed beyond their expectations.

The Results

The business reported talking to more people than ever before as finally they were able to make connections and fill the pipeline with prospects. Within a few months sales numbers were more than double from the year before. They were now able to see this growth because they were now measuring sales, prospects and marketing - something they had not ever been able to do in the past. The company that was lucky to be making one and sometimes two sales every couple of months was achieving as many as two and three sales each month!

The most meaningful result of the program for the owner of the company was that he discovered a renewed sense of enjoyment for his business. He regained his enthusiasm and described his experience in a few words, "I'm on fire!"


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