Turning Around A Bakery

The Situation

The owner of a small bakery was frustrated with the downward spiral her business was experiencing. She realized that her staff was not communicating often enough with each other to really build a business -- a result she had wanted for years. The communication was superficial since they all knew the big issues ahead but no one knew how to confront them. Not only was the team lacking direction, but there were serious financial strains as well.

Work of Best Year Yet®

We began our work with this business by supporting the management team to identify what was working well and what was not. We worked with them to examine that information and identify the key lessons that when followed would achieve the turnaround they were looking for. They completed a Best Year Yet plan that identified the major priorities they wanted to achieve in a 12-month period and helped them to progress them through the use of our online tracking system.


The Results

Key to their success was an honest assessment of their fundamental issues and support of them to bring them out in the open, confront them and align on what it would take to resolve them.

Their first goal was to purchase a new van for delivering their goods to customers. Within three months of making their plan, they had their new van, ready to deliver to not only the 6 targeted new customers but also 6 more!

At the end of the first year of working with us, the bakery had achieved an overall score of 83% on their annual goals. They had achieved 200% of their goal to add 6 new wholesale customers. The cake sales went from $25 - $50 per month to over $600 per month! The team gained clarity, alignment and most importantly confidence. Regular Monthly Review Sessions hold the team accountable and keep them focused on what each of the team members can do to keep the dream alive.


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