Setting SMART Goals

SMART goals are key to creating the results you want. A simple, but effective approach, SMART goal setting will increase your success many times over and help you focus on the things that meant the most to you in your goal setting process.

SMART Goals Are:


It's hard to hit a target you can't see. By making your personal goal setting specific, you set a clear path for yourself. By defining where you want to go, you make it easier to develop a path to arriving there.


How do you know if you are achieving your goals? By having steps along the way that you can measure, compare, and define. A goal like "lose weight" is too loose and vague. Restating your goal in measurable terms such as "lose 10 pounds in 4 months," you can see your progress, make course corrections as needed  early in the process, and celebrate your success along the way.


While most everyone can say they want happiness and world peace, even the most motivated people would have a tough time making much headway on those goals in 12 months. Setting yourself up for failure by listing unattainable goals is demoralizing and undermines your confidence. Setting realistic and attainable goals will help you find the success and balance you need. Even if you have big goals, you can make them attainable by breaking them down into smaller steps that become goals unto themselves. Set yourself up for success in this part of the SMART goals equation.


Scattered, inconsistent goals will distract you from the things that matter most to you. Your personal goals need to be relevant to the direction you want to take in your life and career. Focus is critical to success.


Setting deadlines and targets will help you stay on course by providing clear endpoints for your goal setting work. By holding yourself accountable for meeting these deadlines, you will find the additional motivation to push a little more where needed while being able to celebrate clear successes as you go. The Best Year Yet® proven system makes sure that you have what you need to succeed in goal setting and in life.

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"It really makes you look at yourself, the obstacles and your accomplishments. I know I need to get out of my own way. I now have a roadmap and goals, plus excited about how I am going to achieve them!"

~ Victoria Boyd
Wayne State University


"The experience of completing my plan for 2013 was thought provoking, interesting, and valuable. I encourage everybody to do it!"

~ Ed Green
University of Nebraska–Lincoln