Steven Paul Terry, Consultant
Paradigm Group

Steven's primary focus is producing creative, energized and productive people for companies. This creates better working environments, extraordinary results, thriving lives and focus on what is most important in life. Since 1998, he has facilitated well over fifteen hundred in-person and virtual programs in over fifty countries around the world for a wide range of clients. These include Microsoft, HP, Kimberly-Clark, Cisco, Visa, United Airlines, Marriott and Deloitte. As a best-in-class presenter, he has refined the ability to inspire, influence and create practical solutions that make a difference and increase effectiveness in the workplace and at home.

Steven was born in London, England and educated both there and in Australia. He is committed to simplicity, health and balance while thriving in his life so that he can continue to enjoy quality time as a family man with his wife and three children. Some of his other passions include screenwriting, digital photography and travel. He is currently writing his first book Road to Equlibrium, an inspiring story about balancing all aspects of life that incorporates insights, methodologies and experiences from his works around the world including the Hero Acts "creativity" program, the Great Equilibrium "balancing it all" work he teaches and the Best Year Yet® "it's time for what matters most" program and strategies for success.