Kate Ripp

Location: Denver, CO, USA

Business Name: 
Mission Critical Teams™

Contact Information:  
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Areas of focus:
Executives and corporate teams

Website: http://www.missioncriticalteams.com/

I spent over 20 years in corporate jobs in the renewable energy, association and teleconferencing sectors, building and leading cross functional teams in business development, training and large-scale meeting planning. My teams consistently increased existing account revenues by 15-38% annually for Fortune 500 clients like JP Morgan, Wal-Mart, 3M, Sun Microsystems and First Union National Bank.  In these roles I discovered my passion and ability to build high performance teams. I found that when people are driving for a shared set of goals, all stakeholders benefit and results exceed expectations.                                 

Today, I work with teams who have mission critical goals to achieve. Mission critical means failure is not an option. Mission Critical Teams™ develop a sense of resolve to succeed, no matter what.  They know how to harness the efforts of all members to get extraordinary results.

It’s not only possible.  It is mandatory for success.

We help executives and their teams get better at executing strategy - strategic planning, accountability and leadership development – all in one


There are three essential elements that drive success:

1. A strategic plan focused on the right goals

2. A structure to implement and track the plan with complete accountability

3. Best practices for leadership and teamwork

Here’s my belief: when you integrate these practices into a cohesive program, the results of the team are dramatically better than when these components are handled separately.

When you work with me, you’ll:

Commit to a robust discipline that links strategy and people to results. You’ll learn to translate big ideas and audacious goals into concrete steps for action. You’ll build a plan that defines, step-by-step, how your people will get your organization to your goals by breaking long-term achievements into short-term targets.

Build a high functioning team.  You’ll learn to develop strategies and make decisions that everyone can stand behind.  You’ll resolve conflicts, create better working relationships and create more alignment.

Create a culture of accountability.  People know who is on the hook for what. The team is disciplined to rigorously discuss how’s, what’s, who’s and when’s, question the status quo and tenaciously follow through to ensure accountability.

Develop a shared approach.  The team realizes they have come together to create something bigger than themselves.  They are enrolled in a common purpose and energy is no longer wasted on politics, paralysis by analysis or meetings that don’t matter.

We focus on results now – but the benefits of the work will last for years.  You’ll build a sustainable team that knows how to harness the efforts of others, expand individual capacity and synchronize efforts to dramatically increase the impact of their work.

We’ve got a track record of achieving these kinds of tangible results with our clients. With one customer we were able to increase performance on their objectives by 62%.

We help executives and their teams get better at executing strategy - strategic planning, accountability and leadership development – all in one.



Coaching Certifications

  • Live Your Life Coach

    To guarantee the highest quality and level of expertise, every Best Year Yet® coach must complete our Live Your Life Coach Training. All participants learn to master our Live Your Life program, our exclusive PRO software, and additional delivery systems.

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  • Raise the Bar Facilitator

    Our Raise the Bar Group Trainers are trained to utilize their skills and experience in group settings to create a synergetic environment for participants in our Raise the Bar program. Trainings are held in person and focus on group coaching skill development.

  • Fast Track Facilitator

    Fast Track Facilitators attend a three-day onsite training workshop designed to maximize their effectiveness with our Fast Track system for teams, businesses, and organizations, including our exclusive PRO tracking and scoring software.

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